All of my origami


Try to name a few!



5 thoughts on “All of my origami

  1. moochael

    From top left to bottom right:
    Grievous, Mace windu, ewok
    Cant see any of the row o.o
    ewok, something, clone, u.s.s enterprise from star trek
    a wing, ewok, Moff tar kin,something
    Clone, scout trooper, yoda, kitfisto
    ewok, C3p0,something, Admiral ackbar
    senate guard, epic face, cad bane, Darth maul
    zuckuss, ewok, madalorian, princess origamidala
    clone, paper visla, ewok, Princess origamidala
    Clone, boba fold, lando, c3po
    Clone, dengar, jawa, kawahata yoda
    Captain amercia, iron fold, mordecai, bona fold
    han foldo, bossk, chewbacca, jek 14
    Jabba the puppet, pit droid
    :D!!! I mostly couldn’t tell some cuz of the picture :/

  2. SuperFolder Zod

    That’s Jell-O train mice! The C-3PO kind of looks like an Enderman…
    Ooooohhhh, make an Enderman!

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