Non-Starwars advent!


Day 1 of the non-starwars advent! Thanks to Zod for the idea! Ps it is a chomper!



14 thoughts on “Non-Starwars advent!

  1. SuperFolder Zod

    SL, this is an emergency. SF Stephan seems to want to take over the SRM. That may seem like an overreaction, but he says that the SRM needs a council, which only some people are allowed on. He says that he and Grant should rule the SRM.
    Sound familiar? If you have heard of Jacob MInch, the most popular villian on the EU, then it should.
    The “councils” and and stuff that are in the very spamming rebellions we are fighting against, are one of the main reasons the SRM exists. They exclude people and make them feel bad.
    Moochael, if you see this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Help the SRM, StookyLukey.

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