New drawing


This Stooky drawing is a mash up of Link and a ranger!



26 thoughts on “New drawing

  1. Hey, would you cheese check out my blog? oh wait it’s please. LOL im SF_PrincessElla from OY! My blog is princessellaorigami. 🙂 I got 2,000 views yesterday! (or was it the day before..?) haha thanks! This drawing is STOOKY btw! Nice blog!

    • An orphan growing up in the ward at Redmond castle has dreams of becoming a knight. On the day when the orphans are accepted to become an apprentice to a craft master, the battle master shows no interest in will. Will is angry when not a single craft master accepts him. Until Halt the ranger shows up. He looks over Will, and doesn’t say anything. Later Will gets accepted to become one of the kings rangers, and becomes Halts apprentice. Along with his friends Horace, a famous knight, Alyss, A courier, and later Wills wife, Halt, Wills mentor, Gilan, a fellow ranger, Evanlyn, the princess and later a wife to Horace, and many more, save People all over the globe. Join Will on his epic quest, you won’t regret it.

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