Ok here we go. If I am completely honest, Im afraid I have to admit that I think pickletine isn’t a good cover star. Im sure that the book will be mega stooky, but here is my criticism. 1. Pickletine isn’t full origami. In all i the other books the cover star is complete origami, but seriously? A pickle!?
2. Just listen to the name. “Emperor pickletine rides the bus” Im just not sure.
3. The fact that Harvey wields him. I thought Harvey had turned good, but now now only does he replace Anakin, but he gets a new, more evil puppet. That’s all for now, but there is a CHANCE that i might post a new drawing tomorow.


8 thoughts on “Pickletine

  1. Enderman_Zod

    You have a point; I’m thinking Tom could have spent more time on the title…
    That’s why I’m going to write a Minecraft story called “Sparkles Rides the Minecart.” Lol Jk

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