Message to Sf Tyler!


Hey Tyler, so i was watching clone wars an i saw an episode with embo and i was like “he is so boss!” I looked online and couldn’t find anything about how to speak his native language: kyuzo. I was wondering if you wanted to team up with me to translate (and make up our own) non canon kyuzo language guide. Now i know a lot of other SF’s would like to help, but i am sorry. So Tyler please respond. I know its a monster huge task, but i am up for it, are you?


21 thoughts on “Message to Sf Tyler!

  1. I saw this and I was all “Whoah, like, ME? Is there a different Sf Tyler?” 😆 Anyway, I’ll help! I found on Wookieepedia that Embo’s language was created by Dave Filoni (director of Clone Wars) terribly mis-pronouncing a Smurfs book, in German (The book was in German, he didn’t speak German…) I’ll try [Yoda is probably rolling his little origami eyes right now with all my “Trying”]. The hardest part might be spelling the words! If you listen to him, there are some pretty strange throat-ish noises….

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