Other Stooky sites


Zod’s stooktacular site!SuperFolder Zods Site

LTRocks site
The generals site

my sisters site

Riley’s backpack!

origami Y’all!

LTRocks other site

Firks majestic site!Firks origami FTW

The home of the ultra folders!!UltraFolder Origami


Magicmans swag
And of course, Origami Yoda


29 thoughts on “Other Stooky sites

  1. superfolderzod

    The NSFDA is the side of Max Rebo and I, not the spam rebellion movement.
    That is called the SRM(Spam Rebellion Movement, duh)

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm… I don’t wanna be that guy but the B is capitalized… Sorry. I’m so picky. It doesn’t really matter so if you don’t want to change it, that’s fine with me. Sorry for the trouble though.

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