Tips for folding and doodling


Hey guys StookyLukey here and i just wanted to share a few tips for folding and doodling. Enjoy!

•When folding, use sharp creases. I know it seems obvious but when ever I show my friends how to make some origami they don’t follow this rule!

•When doodling, use pencil first! I know its always tempting to just jump the gun and use pen but thats not always the best idea… Unless you are able to find an erasable pen :/

•Kirigami’s not a bad thing. It is okay to do kirigami and dont let Harvey’s tell you otherwise. If you are not especially good at origami try kirigami to get you started.

•Remember, the most important rule is… Have fun! Dont worry if you’re origami doesn’t look perfect the first time. If someone tells you anything mean about you’re origami, dont listen.


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